Overview: As part of our website, we have an online service that allows teams, leagues, and booster clubs to create Team Stores. These stores allow teams to showcase specific items for their sport or event. Typically, each Team Store is open 24/7 for a two week buying period so even the busiest parents will have time to purchase. All of the stresses of collecting orders forms, payments and sizes is now a problem of the past. We do everything for you so that you can focus on coaching and helping your team win!

Costs: There is no upfront cost to you to set up the online Team Store. We set up the store, list the items for sale, produce and then deliver the items to the team. 

Selection of Items: We will work with you to pick out the items that will be listed in each online store. Typically we like to list 6-12 items per sport which allows for variety but ensures a uniform look for your team. You can see the brands we offer on our website, but those are just the tip of the iceberg, if you know what style or type of apparel you are looking for chances are we carry it in our selection of over 7,000 products.

Payment: Customers will pay directly through our secure website with a credit card or PayPal. An email confirmation will be sent directly to the customer outlining the details of their purchase. This streamlined process eliminates coaches/parents from taking orders and figuring out who has paid.

Delivery: We will deliver all items to one central location (school Athletics office/ coaches office) within 10-12 business days after the end of the buying period.